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Looking for something unique and special for your next occasion?

Try our hand-rolled, premium cigars with your own custom cigar labels!

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Birthday Cigar Band
Custom Cigar Bands 1
Custom Cigar Bands 2
Birthday Cigar Band
Anniversary Cigar Band
Wedding Cigar Band
Birthday Cigar Band
Birthday Cigar Band
Custom Cigar Bands 3
Birthday Cigar Band
Custom Cigar Bands 4
Custom Cigar Bands 5
Anniversary Cigar Band
New Baby Cigar Band
Custom Cigar Bands 6
New Baby Cigar Band
Wedding Cigar Bands
Custom Cigar Bands 7
Custom Cigar Bands 8
Custom Cigar Bands 9
Wedding Cigar Band
Custom Cigar Bands 10
Custom Cigar Bands 11
Wedding Cigar Band
Birthday Cigar Band Template 4
Wedding Cigar Band
Custom Cigar Bands 12
Custom Cigar Bands 13
New Baby Cigar Band
Custom Cigar Bands 14
New Baby Cigar Band
Wedding Cigar Band

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How To Order

Step 1

Order your cigars

Select any 25 or more cigars
(minimum order)

Step 2

Order your custom cigar bands

Select your design, background color,
and upload your custom artwork

Step 3

Checkout and Pay

Shipping is included
and typically takes 7-10 business days

Custom Cigar Band FAQs

What kinds of cigar bands do you offer?

En Fuego Cigars offers both personalized and custom cigar bands for every type of occasion: conventions, trade shows, corporate events, birthday parties, new baby, weddings & anniversaries, bachelor & bachelorette parties, golf tournaments & outings, and just about anything else you can think of.

What is the difference between a personalized cigar band and a custom cigar band?

A personalized cigar band uses a template and is the easiest way to order.  Simply, tell us what goes in each pre-defined section.

A custom cigar band lets you personally design your own band.  It’s your own personal brand, so make it amazing!

What is your turn-around time?

Typically, it takes 5-7 business days to receive your cigars with their custom cigar bands.

That includes: 1) Emailing the proof and receiving approval, 2) Printing the bands, 3) Adding the bands to your 25+ cigars, and 4) Shipping via USPS priority mail.

How much do custom cigar bands cost?

$1.50 per label (with a minimum order of 25 En Fuego hand-rolled cigars).

Is there a set-up fee for custom cigar bands?

No, there is no additional set-up fee.

Is there an additional fee for shipping?

No.  Shipping is included on all orders over $150.

Does it matter what size cigars I buy?

No.  All of our personalized and custom cigar bands will fit all En Fuego Cigars (ring gauges from 40 – 60).

Is there a minimum order size for custom cigar bands?

Yes.  The only requirement is a minimum order of 25 En Fuego hand-rolled cigars.

Click here to order your cigars.

For custom bands, what is your artwork specifications?

The band is 3 inches by 1 inch and you’re free to use the entire space.  However, when designing your band please keep these things in mind:

1) About 3/4 of an inch will be used to add the adhesive and attach the band.  This space will not be visible.

2) Our preference in format is .pdf, but we do accept .jpg and .png.

How to design a custom cigar band?

You can use any graphics application to design your bands but we suggest using Canva (because it’s free).  Here are the instructions:

1)  Go to, sign up, and log in (It’s free and you don’t need the premium version).

2)  Select ‘Create a design’ in the upper right-hand corner.

3)  Select ‘+ Custom dimensions’

4)  From the dropdown menu select ‘in’ for inches. Then enter 3 for Width and 1 for Height.  Then select ‘Create new design’.

5)  Now you can just scroll through the templates and find something you like or create your own design from scratch.

6)  When finished, select ‘Download (upper right), PDF Print, and Download (the light blue button).  Your file will be located in your downloads folder.


What about my 2 free cigars? Will I receive labels for those as well?

Yes.  On all orders of 25-49 cigars, we add 2 additional cigars and on all orders above 50, we add 5 additional cigars.  We will also add additional labels for free as well.

Please note: Bonus cigars are NOT applicable for Cigar Roller Events.

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