Cognac Cigars FAQs

Cognac Cigars FAQs

What is a cognac cigar?

There are two main types of “cognac cigars”:

  • Cognac-infused cigars: These are regular cigars that have been infused with artificial flavorings to resemble cognac. They often have sweet, boozy, and fruity flavors.
  • Cognac-aromatized cigars: These are premium cigars that have been aged or scented with real cognac vapors. This subtle process aims to complement the natural tobacco flavors, not overpower them.
Are cognac cigars made with real cognacs?

This depends on the type. Cognac-infused cigars likely use artificial flavorings. Cognac-aromatized cigars, however, may use real cognac vapors during the aging process.

Who enjoys cognac cigars?

Cognac cigars can appeal to a variety of smokers:

  • New cigar smokers: The sweeter, milder flavors of some cognac-infused cigars can be a good introduction to the world of cigars.
  • Seasoned cigar smokers: Cognac-aromatized cigars can offer intriguing flavor profiles for those who appreciate complex cigar experiences.
Where to buy cognac cigars?

You can purchase cognac cigars online from reputable retailers like En Fuego Las Vegas or visit local tobacco shops and cigar lounges. Ensure you’re of legal smoking age and abide by local regulations when purchasing cigars.

How to smoke a cognac cigar?

You can smoke a cognac cigar the same way you would smoke any other premium cigar. Use a proper cigar cutter, light it slowly and evenly, and take slow, measured puffs to savor the flavors.

What pairs well with cognac cigars?

Since cognac cigars come in a variety of flavor profiles, there’s no single perfect pairing. However, some general recommendations include:

  • Coffee: A cup of coffee can complement the earthy and nutty notes in some cognac cigars.
  • Cognac: For a full cognac experience, try a neat glass of cognac alongside your cigar. Choose a cognac with a similar flavor profile to your cigar for a harmonious pairing.
  • Dark chocolate: The rich sweetness of dark chocolate can balance the spicier notes in some cognac cigars.
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