Henderson Private Cigar Lounge

The Best Private Cigar Lounge in Henderson

Private Cigar Lounge

Welcome to 24/7 by En Fuego

Our goal in creating 24/7 by En Fuego is to offer a special sanctuary – a one of a kind cigar smoking experience.  A place for those that work hard to play hard.

  • 24/7 access with your own personal key fob
  • Climate controlled & humidified personal locker for storing cigars and beverages
  • Full kitchenette with ice maker, glassware, complimentary expresso, and soda.
  • Fiber-optic, high-speed wifi for business use
  • Four big-screen TVs for all major sporting events

Thank you for considering membership in this rare and exclusive opportunity.

Let’s smoke!

Google Maps (click here)

790 Coronado Center Dr. #150,

Henderson, NV  89052

(702) 823-2223

[email protected]


24 hrs a day | 7 days a wk | 365 days a yr

Members Only

For a private tour, please contact Shar at (412) 580-0205

En Fuego Cigars Henderson Private Cigar Lounge

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