The art of cutting cigars is a well-established tradition among cigar aficionados and often deliberated at great lenghts.  Beyond the traditional methods lie a few unorthodox approaches we hope you enjoy. Join us as we explore four unconventional ways to cut a cigar that’ll have you laughing and, who knows, maybe even trying them out!

1. Straight Cut: The ‘Classic, but Not So Classic’

Picture yourself feeling suave, ready to snip that cigar cap with a precise straight cut. But wait! Forgot your cutter? No problem! Enter: ‘The Office Scissors.’ Yes, those very scissors sitting innocently on your desk. Office emergency? More like cigar heroics! Disclaimer: Office supplies may not appreciate this newfound vocation. Proceed with caution or prepare for some bewildered looks from colleagues.

2. Punch Cut: The ‘MacGyver Move’

You’re at a friend’s place, enjoying a relaxing evening. Suddenly, the question arises, “Anyone got a cigar punch?” Fear not! Grab a sturdy pencil, the eraser end to be precise. Press firmly into the cap and voilà! A perfect circular hole to smoke through. Who knew stationery could be so multi-talented? Disclaimer: No pencils were permanently harmed in the making of this punch cut. We think. 

3. V-Cut: The ‘Kitchen Chronicles’

Ever been caught without your trusty V-cutter? No worries! Raid that kitchen drawer for an unused vegetable peeler. Place the cigar cap on the blade and give it a gentle twist. Congratulations! You now have a V-cut masterpiece, and potentially, an identity crisis for the peeler. Disclaimer: Vegetables and cigars are not to be mixed or smoked. Please use separate utensils for culinary and cigar-related endeavors.

4. Fingernail Cut: The ‘DIY Dilemma’

You’re out and about, enjoying nature’s finest pleasures when, oh no! No cutter in sight! Fear not, intrepid adventurer! Locate a rock with a suitable edge, perch the cigar cap on your thumbnail, and… (let’s just say it’s an acquired skill). You’re now equipped for a somewhat jagged but entirely improvised cut. Disclaimer: No nails were permanently harmed or chipped during this makeshift cut. Rocks, however, may remain indifferent.


Who said cutting a cigar couldn’t be an adventure in itself? While these ‘alternative’ methods might raise a few eyebrows (and perhaps the occasional chuckle), they certainly showcase the creativity and adaptability of cigar aficionados. Remember, though, these methods are more comical anecdotes than serious recommendations. For an optimal smoking experience, invest in a proper cutter – your cigars and sanity will thank you!

So, next time you’re caught without your trusty cigar cutter, remember these quirky alternatives! Or better yet, keep a proper cutter handy. But in the name of a good laugh and sheer resourcefulness, these unconventional methods might just save the day – or at least provide a hilarious story to share among friends.

Happy smoking (with proper cuts)!

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